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Map Your Show and CNTV Create a Strategic Partnership

Kathy Monte, News Editor
Map Your Show and CNTV Create a Strategic Partnership

ORLANDO — Map Your Show (MYS), an event management software company, has partnered with video production company CNTV. By working together to make pre-show and on-site video production easily accessible to organizers and their exhibitors, MYS and CNTV will help shows increase brand recognition and provide added exposure for exhibitors to prospective clients.

With this new relationship for the event management industry, exhibitors can create their own short-form video clips in advance of the event, which will be branded and professionally edited by CNTV, giving companies the chance to promote attendance, preview their product offering and drive booth traffic prior to the show. In addition, they can be produced either in advance remotely or onsite and are edited for immediate, same day distribution.

These event videos can be branded with the show logo, which means added exposure for the event.

Exhibitors can also purchase branded videos recorded onsite, featuring highlights from the show floor and the company’s booth that can be shared during the event and used for future marketing and sales purposes. This lets exhibitors invest in a solution that meets their needs, saving time and streamlining event preparation.

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“Teaming up with CNTV allows us to offer a more comprehensive solution for event organizers and exhibitors seeking top-tier event coverage,” Don Kline, CEO of Map Your Show, said. “This partnership not only aims to simplify event marketing for both the exhibitor and show management, but provide immersive and compelling event content, that captures the attention of attendees and extends the reach of their brand.”

Videos will be available within 24 hours and can be uploaded to each exhibitor’s listing on the event website hosted on MYS’s platform, included in press releases and email campaigns, and shared via social media channels and online. The videos can be uploaded to the MYS platform, enhancing the digital show directory. Exhibitors also get a copy of the video and can send it to their database, driving traffic to their booth and extending the reach of the show.

“Through partnering with Map Your Show, we look forward to bringing new tools and resources to trade show organizers and their exhibitors, ultimately elevating their events,” Carrie Ferenac, CNTV Co-Founder and President said. “Together, Map Your Show and CNTV will create an even more dynamic and seamless event coverage platform, setting a new standard in the industry.”

The two companies have a long-standing partnership. “We’ve known Don and Jerry [Gildea, Chief Sales Officer] for many years and know what a great company MYS is. We are thrilled to partner with them to provide this service for show organizers in the industry. The videos enhance the exhibitor and attendee experience simultaneously, while extending the reach of the show,” Ferenac said.

“This partnership offers show organizers and exhibitors the ability to affordably promote their brand using high-quality and engaging video content that accurately communicates their message to attendees. Exhibiting companies will also have a diverse range of promotional opportunities to reach audiences before, during and after the show,” Kline added.

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