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Trifecta Collective Acquires International Mass Timber Conference from Forest Business Network 

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ARLINGTON, Va.The International Mass Timber Conference, the leading trade show and conference in the mass timber and sustainable construction industries, including the fast-growing segment of Cross Laminated Timber products has been acquired by Trifecta Collective, a trade show platform formed by GreyLion and trade show industry professionals, Rick McConnell and Jennifer Hoff. 

The event has been growing double digits every year since its inception, even during the pandemic, with its last gathering held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland April 12-14, 2022, which featured 2,218 attendees from 33 countries. There were also 42 sponsors and four partners, 132 exhibitors, 34 poster presentations, and more than 90 speakers. Building tours included 315 participants, and a pre-conference mass timber design clinic included 225 participants. 

Trifecta looks for number one shows in high growth industries. The International Mass Timber Conference offers up that unique experience for attendees and sponsors by giving them a rich content, high-value event. By acquiring it, Trifecta is put in the position to further turbocharge the event’s growth with new experiential initiatives, digital opportunities, and new launches,” Rick McConnell, CEO of Trifecta Events, said. “It’s a great conference with unique programming, strong leadership, and unmatched content. The Mass Timber Conference serves the growing number of forest business professionals as more and more commercial construction projects are moving towards sustainable-friendly mass timber structures, as opposed to traditional steel and concrete. The 10-year outlook has an annual growth rate of more than 15%.” 

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“Teaming up with Trifecta and GreyLion sets the stage for taking the International Mass Timber Conference to a new level of quality and value,” Craig Rawlings, Chief Executive Officer of Forest Business Network, said. “We are thrilled to work together in continuing to grow the conference for years to come. This partnership has us excited to meet conference attendees in Portland March 27-29 to discuss how we can all better amplify the mass timber conversation, build out this event to add even greater value for registrants and elevate the mass timber industry as a whole.” 

Corporate Solutions arranged, structured and negotiated this transaction. “This is the perfect next acquisition for Trifecta Collective. Industry veteran Rick McConnell backed by private equity firm, GreyLion Partners is building a platform of industry-leading events,” Nick Curci, Owner and President of Corporate Solutions, said.  

The future is bright for Trifecta. “We are going to continue to invest and acquire properties that have strong growth dynamics. GreyLion and Trifecta will be looking for more acquisitions in the trade show space as events continue to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels.” 

Reach Rick McConnell at (214) 693-0672 or; Jennifer Hoff at (703) 395-2613 or 

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