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Trade Show Industry Rock Star World of Concrete Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

This is a photo of the World of Concrete show floor.

LAS VEGAS — According to the Events Industry Council (EIC), in partnership with Oxford Economics, the global business events industry is worth $1.6 trillion. This statistic is part of the 2023 Global Economic Significance of Business Events study, which measures the global business events industry’s full scope and economic significance.

Some industry professionals agree that such a prosperous industry is not always as respected as it should be. That is why many were thrilled to see CBS Sunday Morning do an entire segment about World of Concrete (WOC) at the Las Vegas Convention Center just before the Super Bowl.

Kevin Thornton, Senior Vice President at Informa Markets, was featured in the segment explaining the importance of WOC. He was interviewed saying WOC is the “ComicCon for concrete guys.”

“There is so much talent, ingenuity and passion showcased at shows like World of Concrete, and being able to highlight that on a national stage certainly helps an industry grow and attract interest,” said Lisa Messina, Chief Sales Officer of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).

The timing couldn’t be better as the segment was broadcast before the 2024 Super Bowl, the most-watched TV event since Apollo 11’s historic 1969 mission when Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. Nielsen reports this year’s Super Bowl viewership was up 7% from last year, attracting 115.1 million viewers.

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“Ultimately, having a segment that showcases a convention like World of Concrete right before the Super Bowl is a perfect demonstration of just how diverse the destination is. We can host any event, whether that be a global sporting event or industry-wide conference, and ensure it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for attendees,” Messina said.

WOC brings more than 60,000 people to Las Vegas each year for education, networking, competition and making business deals.

“Conventions like World of Concrete represent a significant portion of visitation to Vegas, with 6 million convention attendees traveling to the city in 2023,” Messina said. “Not only do these events contribute to overall visitation, but being able to host an industry’s leaders, top executives and professionals is an honor and something the LVCVA, along with our partners across the destination, is proud to be a part of.”

Events also make an economic impact. In 2022, Messina explained that convention visitor spending directly supported an estimated 38,120 jobs, $2.1 billion in wages, and $7.5 billion in direct economic impact in Las Vegas.

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