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Sustainability Assurance Provider Reduce 2 Launched

Maddy Ryley, Managing Editor
Sustainability Assurance Provider Reduce 2 Launched

FAIRFIELD, Conn. — Glenn Hansen, who spent more than 40 years with BPA Worldwide, launched Reduce 2, Saving the Planet by Degree. The reports generated by the organization will provide recommendations for improvement, help with establishing a path toward net-zero carbon emissions in a specific timeframe and determine compliance with best practices and international standards.

The third-party sustainability assurance provider is focused on carbon footprint calculating, standards writing, assuring companies’ ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) reporting and certifying events and companies to industry and international standards.

“Sustainability is ever-present in the lexicon of the events industry,” Reduce 2 Founder and CEO Glenn Hansen said. “Not a day goes by that there isn’t a discussion about reducing the footprint of events and being more sustainable. People need help on their sustainability journey, particularly with getting certified to a standard.”

By evaluating a company’s or event’s energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, carbon footprint, community engagement, ethical sourcing and labor conditions, Reduce 2 can conduct audits, stakeholder consultations and data analysis to create accurate assessments and measurements for the certification process.

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The services provided include certification to ISO 20121 (sustainable event management system) and 14001 (environmental management system). Reduce 2 also offers companies help with technical writing of sustainability standards.

“Most of the time, people know they conducted themselves in a sustainable manner, but don’t give much thought as to how they would prove they had done so should they ever be challenged. Getting certified provides the C-suite with the assurance the team has all their ducks in a row and can pass a smell test should any stakeholder challenge,” Hansen said. “Certification enables them to share with their stakeholders that they are behaving in a socially responsible way and are taking steps toward net zero.”

The name Reduce 2 comes from The Paris Agreement on climate change which has the goal of limiting the global average temperature to warming 1.5°C (2.7°F) or lower.

Hansen, who retired from BPA Worldwide in June 2023, is on the UFI Sustainability and Audit Committees, task forces to revamp ISO standards and wrote the Waste Management Agreement for Enterprise Singapore, as well as being a part of the Net Zero Carbon Initiative.

“Based on my 43 years within an audit organization writing standards and audit protocols to check compliance to those standards, as an independent third-party, Reduce 2 is uniquely qualified to advise on what needs to be done to document compliance with a standard or to provide a gap analysis to establish where an organization is on the road to success,” Hansen said.

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