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Singapore’s MICE Industry Sets its Sights on Net Zero by 2050

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CHICAGO — Singapore is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability by launching its MICE Sustainability Roadmap to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and a research-based toolkit to help event organizers plan and use sustainable practices in their events. 

The Roadmap, launched by the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SAEOS) on Dec. 1, sets the goal for Singapore to be Asia Pacific’s leading sustainable destination by 2030 by  focusing on reducing, recycling and managing waste, and reducing energy and carbon emissions. 

Included in the Roadmap are three targets: Develop sustainability standards by 2023 with the goal of being internationally recognized by 2024, obtain sustainability certification for purpose-built MICE venues and 80% of SAEOS members by 2025, and track waster and carbon emissions by 2023. These targets are meant to keep Singapore’s MICE sector on track to reach net zero by 2050 and align with the Singapore Green Plan by 2030.  

The Singapore MICE Sustainability Roadmap also lays out three strategies to reach the goal in 2050, including raising sustainability standards across the industry by following certification guidelines and incorporating green capabilities into existing roles. Along with abiding by certification guidelines, another strategy is to raise awareness of the best practices and solutions in the industry through providing resources and training, and to improve processes and pilot new solutions to innovate and adopt sustainability solutions across the sector.  

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“Event delegates and corporate travelers are increasingly concerned about the environment, prompting event organizers to turn to destinations that make sustainability a priority,” Singapore Tourism Board’s Executive Director of Conventions, Meetings and Incentive Travel and Co-Chair of the MICE Sustainability Committee Dr. Edward Koh said. “It is imperative that Singapore’s MICE industry evolves to meeting the growing demand for responsible business travel.” 

The Singapore Tourism Board and Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) worked together and launched The Time is Now – Sustainability in Business Events Industry research and toolkit. These resources provide tips and strategies for planning and implementing sustainable practices while putting on an event.  

The toolkit is designed to outline areas of influence of organizers and opportunities for more engagement; identify initiatives, engagement and resources that are needed to raise awareness; build capacity and encourage action; and provide resources that show organizers can use immediately.  

Both the Roadmap and toolkit highlight circular thinking as the way forward to make events more sustainable and detail opportunities within the industry where a circular economy is possible. Actions such as reusing or renting booths, offering a branded experience rather than branded giveaways, printing with renewable ink and recyclable materials, and planning for left over materials to be repurposed or remanufactured are all ways of moving to a circular reimaging of business events. 

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