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RX Customer Study Reveals the Importance of Meeting Face to Face

RX customer study

LONDON – There is nothing like a face-to-face gathering to conduct business according to a global industry research study conducted by RX. Even as new technology is adopted, in-person events remain important for learning, networking, sourcing and sales, the study reveals.

The RX Customer Mindset Tracker, an evolution of the COVID Barometer research the company released in 2020 and 2021, is focused on understanding the challenges and attitudes about events as COVID continues to shift the world.

Face-to-face remains a key priority for survey respondents, with 78% of businesses stating that trade shows offer them something unique that cannot be created elsewhere. This is up from 68% in 2021.

The RX Customer Mindset Tracker reveals that the top challenges for exhibitors and attendees post-pandemic include reduced sales, meeting new customers and keeping on top of market trends – problems that trade shows are uniquely equipped to address.

RX events have evolved over the past two years to meet the needs of the company’s customers and now include digital and year-round engagement. These new offerings help build relationships, keep exhibitors and visitors engaged, and drive growth.

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New digital and data analytics tools are enabling RX customers to get even greater value from their participation by capturing more leads, increasing brand awareness, closing the loop on event ROI and benchmarking themselves against the competition.

“The research confirms that there is a strong desire among exhibitors and visitors to grow their businesses and expand to new products and markets,” Gaby Appleton, Chief Digital Product Officer for RX, said. “RX is well-positioned to help them do this, not only through our global portfolio of face-to-face events but also through our digital lead generation, networking, meeting and brand promotion tools.”

The RX Customer Mindset Tracker was developed by the RX Global Digital Insights team. For an in-depth look at this study, click here.

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