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Reed Exhibitions Is Now RX 

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor
A new brand identity unites RX behind a higher-level purpose: To help its customers grow their businesses.

LONDON — Reed Exhibitions has unveiled a refreshed brand identityRX, that reflects how the company has evolved  and its direction for the future.

We have become a more unified, nimble, diverse and innovative company than we ever would have imagined just a year ago,” said Fernando Fischer, RX President, Americas. We want our brand identity to reflect this, and to highlight both the enduring power of facetoface shows and the exciting opportunities of digital with a refreshed visual identity and updated brand positioning.

The timing, as the industry emerges from the pandemic, is apropos, said Fischer. “The global nature of the pandemic has shown us how connected we are as a company, and how important it is for us to unite globally with one identity and one purpose. We want everyone to be proud of working for RX, we want to come out of COVID feeling confident and passionate, and we want inclusion and diversity to be made more meaningful throughout our organization.”

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RX is the force behind 400 events in 22 countries across 43 industry sectors. It is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers in more than 180 countries. Overall, RELX employs more than 33,000 people, about half of whom are in North America.

RX has been Reed’s internal shorthand for some time now, according to Nathalie Haxby, Global Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing. “So the shift to adopt and embrace it as part of our refreshed brand identity was an easy one to make. We have created a simple but engaging story that unites our event brands, geographies and teams under a common purpose, and with a renewed culture that places inclusion and diversity at its core.”

We’re not abandoning Reed Exhibitions, but moving to RX signals that we’re looking to the future beyond ‘exhibitions’ in the traditional sense,” said Fischer.

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A video message on the company’s fresh new web site tells the story of RX“Growing a business is changing and so are we,” it reads. “We’re building on our flagship events. Expanding them to curate entire eco-systems, online and in person. RX: In the business of growing businesses.”

Our customers have told us what matters more to them than ever before: facetoface relationships, access to new markets and data, digital platforms and innovation and ethical practices,” said Fischer. “Our face-to-face events will always be the jewel in the crown, but we’re now building on these, creating yearround communities with shared passions and purpose.

“The opportunities to combine both digital and face-to-face interactions have a significant part to play in the global economy,” he added. “These innovative interactions will create better livelihoods for our customers, better careers for our people and profoundly better experiences for our audiences to connect, be that in person, virtually or in combination.”

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“Externally, our new brand identity and proposition unites us behind a higher-level purpose that embraces this digital transformation to help our customers to grow their businesses,” said Hugh Jones, RX CEO. “When people now ask me what we do, I say RX is in the business of building businesses so everyone can thrive whoever and wherever you are.”

Reach Hugh Jones at 44 20 8271 2134 or and Fernando Fischer at  (203) 840-4800 or

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