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RX Shares How Its Sales Teams Are Using a Value-Based Approach

This is a photo of Indiya Okam, Group Vice President of Sales at RX.

CHICAGO — RX has been championing a value-based sales approach when it comes to its shows, with teams having a deep understanding of their customers to identify what their needs and wants are and then conducting sales to align with those needs.

“Value-based sales is about getting to know and understand each customer’s business and objectives, and then curating a solution that will help them achieve their specific goals,” said Indiya Okam, Group Vice President of Sales at RX. “That works whether I’m selling a healthcare product or solution to a healthcare system looking to improve outcomes, or a trade show solution to an RX exhibitor who wants to grow revenue, improve the efficiency of their business or make new connections. Ultimately, it’s about building long-term customer relationships that align with their evolving business objectives.”

The strategy of value-based selling allows teams to focus on the benefits provided to customers throughout the sales process. Instead of selling based solely on the features of a product or offerings, sales teams sell offerings based on the value the customer will receive from them. This customer-centric approach helps to emphasize the positive impact the purchase will have and prioritizes having a deep understanding of customers’ needs.

“Through a concept we call deep discovery, sales teams are trained to be efficient at asking questions to better understand the customer’s business, the value drivers, their industry, impact of the challenges they face and what success looks like. Our digital business builder suite of tools now gives the customer and us a much deeper insight into what works and what doesn’t so that we are aligned on the best possible solutions for that customer,” Okam said. “Through our building business suite, we also have the data to really inform our discussions, that evidence the benefits to our customers.”

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In her role at RX, Okam is supported by the RX Global Sales Enablement team, which is responsible for RX’s global sales platform and for improving the skills and training of the sales teams at the organization.

Okam shared that the supportive, global nature of RX has helped sales teams to share best practices for embedding a value-based approach into their strategy across the organization, and that with a strong focus on training and development, RX employees are in a good position to be comfortable and confident in using this approach.

RX’s value-based sales approach has also garnered appreciation from RX customers.

“I had a chance to get direct feedback from a few of our customers at both ISC East and the PGA Show, not only were the shows a success, but these customers also commended our sales talents on making the effort to better understand their business and position them for success at the event,” Okam said. “Of course, there is a lot more that goes into the experience after the sale is made that has a significant impact, but the feedback received gives me the assurance that we are going in the right direction.”

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