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The RX Global Charity Fund is Prioritizing DE&I

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SURREY, U.K. — Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are at the center of RX Global’s mission and value, and the powerhouse show organizer is walking the walk partnering with two foundations that support DE&I through education and mentorship — the Goodes O’Loughlin (GO) Foundation and Research in Color Foundation. 

 As part of RX Global’s pledge of $1 million over five years to select-not-for-profits around the world committed to improving inclusivity and diversity in local communities, the company partnered with the Australian Goodes O’Loughlin (GO) Foundation, which works with schools and universities in Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra, Australia, to support Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.  

“As the I&D Lead for the RX AU business unit, I nominated the GO Foundation,” Nina Vidale, RX Event Director – Life Instyle and Beauty Expo Australia, said. “Their values of integrity, equality, opportunity and strength in culture really resonated with me and of course aligned strongly with our core RX values.  I whole-heartedly believe that education is one of the most powerful tools we have, and the GO Foundation’s purpose and mission is to create opportunities for Indigenous youth by empowering through education. In conjunction with this they also ensure Indigenous Australians continue a strong connection to their culture, which is so very important for long-term, meaningful change in this country. I felt that if we as a business can contribute, even just a little bit, to provide equity in opportunity and access to education and resources then we are making a difference that we can be proud of.” 

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At the heart of the GO Foundation is the belief that students connecting to their culture through education and mentorship leads to better participation and engagement, along with creating a deeper sense of community and connection to their Indigenous culture. The foundation has provided more than 950 scholarships. 

“When students learn about their culture, they learn about their background and heritage, and the legacy of their elders,” GO CEO Charlene Davison stated in an RX-published story about the partnership. “The students are proud; they want to work hard for their families and communities, for those who have gone before them, and to achieve and change the world for those who will follow. The financial support of partners like RX allows us to both increase the numbers of students and to properly support students so they can achieve their dreams.” 

Dedicated to Making an Impact in Education 

The Research in Color Foundation, another partner of the RX Global Charity Fund, is dedicated to increasing and retaining the number of racial and ethnic minorities in Ph.D. economic programs and economic-adjacent disciplines.  

Founder Chinemelu Okafor, a Harvard doctoral student, stated, “Economics directly influences policies across health care, education, criminal justice and beyond, but economics as a discipline includes disproportionately few people of color. When you exclude the viewpoints of marginalized groups, you restrict the range of economic insights available to policy makers, which can perpetuate economic and political disparities in everyday life.” 

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Research in Color’s mission to provide mentoring to these students also is focused on the future, with the idea that having good mentors to guide and help students in turn can create good mentors out of them, allowing them to continue the cycle.  

The $30,000 donation from RX will provide Research in Color resources to offer scholarships to mentees for graduate school. Chinemelu stated, “RX’s generous contribution will also help support Research in Color’s administrative expenses to keep the organization alive and running.” 

The GO Foundation and Research in Color Foundation are the newest additions to RX’s partnerships that include the Brazilian Institute for the Reintegration of Refugees (Instituto Adus), Business Initiative for Racial Equality (Iniciative Empresarial pela Igualdade Racial) and Zumi Dos Palmares University; the South African Oliver’s House and 19twenty8; UK’s Heritage Corner and Racial Justice Network; and Ally2Action and A Better Chance in Darien in the U.S. 

Reach Nina Vidale at or +61 2 9422 2451 

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