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New Virtual Trade Show Blends Tea & AI to Ensure Product Quality for Buyers

SINGAPORE — A new virtual trade show featured some futuristic touches that are turning heads. For the Future Tea & Coffee Summit & Expo 2020, organizer Conference & Exhibition Management Services (CEMS) has teamed up with teapasar, an online tea marketplace, to introduce attendees to ProfilePrint, a patented AI food fingerprinting technology that debuted at last year’s Singapore Tea Festival.

The Future Tea & Coffee Summit & Expo kicked off on June 24 and ran through June 26 with 30 exhibitors from seven countries and drew around 1,000 qualified coffee and tea buyers from all over the world, according to Edward Liu, PBM, Group Managing Director of CEMS.  Liu explained, “This fingerprint technology can ascertain and analyze the grade and quality of ingredients,” ensuring that buyers are guaranteed the same high-quality product upon delivery as the one they sourced at the show. More standard Information on product qualities, such as the acidity, roast, sweetness and body of a coffee, for example, is still available—but the buzz around the show has been all about the molecular-level details.

CEMS designed the trade show to allow buyers and sellers to arrange a videoconference, in an attempt to get as close to F2F as is possible. The show also included a robust roster of expert speakers on topics such as “Innovation and Digitalization in the Tea Industry” and “Sustainable Practices and Impact Investment in the Coffee Industry.”

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Liu and his team were able to pull their new show together in just three months. And now that he has a successful virtual show under his belt, he does think there’s a place for online events in the future—but as a hybrid component. “COVID-19 has been a game changer,” he said. “However, virtual events will complement rather than replace physical exhibitions and conferences. Trade shows have been around since time immemorial and could never be replaced.”

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