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New South Florida Ventures Headquarters Reflects Dedication to Growth

This is an image of South Florida Ventures' new headquarters at Seagis Point Everglades.

CHICAGO — Informa Markets’ South Florida Ventures secured a new corporate headquarters at Seagis Port Everglades with its signing of a letter of intent for a long-term lease, reflecting the company’s plans for future growth and operational efficiency in the South Florida area.

The more than 100,000-square-foot building comes with an expansive warehouse space that will allow South Florida Ventures to store materials for show build-out, like event flooring, tenting and other equipment.

“The decision to establish a larger distribution center and main office was driven by the need to accommodate the growing demands of our business including providing enhanced support for existing events and clients,” said Rob Correa, Senior Vice President of Operations at South Florida Ventures. “The larger distribution center close to FLIBS will facilitate a more efficient logistics and storage for event equipment, while the main office will serve as a centralized hub for better coordination, communication and client services.”

South Florida Ventures President Ken McAvoy said that the company is prioritizing sustainability at this facility and will be aligning with LEED-certification standards.

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“The distribution center was constructed with sustainability in mind, commitment to environmentally friendly practices and a thoughtful approach to reducing the environmental impact of the building,” Correa said.

Some notable eco-friendly elements include:

  1. Low-flow and low-flush fixtures: These help conserve water, promoting efficient usage and reducing overall water consumption.
  2. White Roof: A white roof reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat, contributing to energy efficiency by helping to cool the building and reduce the urban heat island effect.
  3. LED Lights: LED lighting is energy-efficient, offering a longer lifespan and consuming less electricity compared to traditional lighting technologies.
  4. Lighting Control Systems: These systems enhance energy efficiency by allowing precise control over lighting levels based on occupancy and natural light availability.
  5. Low-carbon Asphalt: The use of low-carbon asphalt contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional asphalt production.
  6. Native and Drought-Tolerant Landscaping: Choosing plants that are native to the region and drought-tolerant helps conserve water resources and supports local ecosystems.


“Our business is poised for significant growth in the future. This expansion will include the necessity to augment our event teams with additional personnel,” Correa said. “The most exciting aspect of the larger distribution center and office lies in the possibilities it opens for our organization. The expanded space provides us with the capacity to scale our operations and accommodate increased production and inventory. It creates a foundation for improved efficiency and streamlined processes, fostering a more dynamic and innovative working environment.”

Take a virtual tour of the facility here.

Photo Credit: Informa Markets

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