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New Fern Training Program Focuses on Exhibitor Success

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor

CINCINNATI Fern is once again putting trade show exhibitor success first with a new partnership with Stephan Murtagh, The Exhibition Guy. The Fern Exhibitor Success Program is a series of custom webinars, as well as coaching, that trade show and event organizers can provide for their exhibitors to help them make the most of their events.

The Exhibitor Success program offers three levels of engagement and training options. The main components include:

  • “The 7 Steps to Exhibition Success,” which takes the exhibitor on the journey from pre-show planning to on-site and post-show follow-up to enhance their ROI/ROO.
  • “The 9 Key Things for Last-Minute Trade Show Marketing Success,” which builds on the seven steps by focusing on the small yet essential things an exhibitor can do in advance of the trade show or expo to attract key buyers.
  • “All These Leads, Now What?—What to Do After the Show,” which focuses on post-show strategies and best-practices for lead follow-up and conversion.

Murtagh has spent more than 25 years in the exhibition business and is the author of “Exhibiting at Shows, The FlipChart Business Book.” In addition to the webinars, the partnership between Fern and The Exhibition Guy allows event organizers to purchase blocks of one-on-one coaching.

“We are strong advocates for trade shows and the unique and unmatched opportunity they provide to bring buyers and sellers together, Aaron Bludworth, President & CEO of Fern, said. “The Exhibitor Success Program is a means for show organizers to help their exhibitors look at their strategy and ensure that they are doing everything they can to have a successful event.

“In today’s market, one of the greatest challenges across all businesses is the issue of time,” he continued. “Time is a limited resource and for those exhibiting in today’s events how they use their time to engage with event attendees most effectively is more critical than ever. The attendees are also experiencing the same time challenges and are looking to maximize their time on the trade show floor. A more defined and strategic approach will help exhibitors more effectively engage with the right attendees not only during the event, but also before and after the event resulting in a greater ROI and overall favorable experience.”

Reach Aaron Bludworth at (513) 562-0432 or


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