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Fern Launches Digital Health Passport

Andrea Doyle


CINCINNATI – Fern HealthCheck, a digital health passport powered by ShareMy.Health, provides trade show executives and attendees with an increased level of safety and comfort as they return to face-to-face gatherings. ShareMy.Health has helped professional sports leagues, Olympic teams, universities, and live events operate safely by supporting employers around the globe to transition employees back to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Fern HealthCheck is a tool to help event organizers safely host events while giving confidence to their stakeholders that those events will again provide the relationships, networking, education, entertaining, and commerce that only in-person face-to-face events can deliver. The return of trade shows and events now and accelerating in Q3 and Q4 is real, and Fern HealthCheck is helping facilitate getting us there while putting as many people back to work as possible, as fast as possible,“ Aaron Bludworth, Chief Executive Officer at Fern said.

ShareMy.Health, a leading healthcare cloud platform, has joined with Fern to deploy its all-new digital health passport app and private vaccine registry, Fern HealthCheck.

Key benefits of Fern HealthCheck include:

  • Digital Health Passport, which allows individuals to control who sees their health status and for how long
  • Vaccine credentials sharing and digital management
  • COVID-19 testing with verification and certification
  • Ability for event organizers to effectively manage the health and safety of event staff, attendees and exhibitors with analytics and dashboard reporting
  • Interoperability with industry and government registration and mobile app solutions in a HIPAA-compliant manner

“One of the industry’s first steps in getting attendees back to in-person events is helping them feel comfortable with, and confident in, the safety protocols that organizers are putting in place. The enhancements to the health passport component of Fern HealthCheck make the testing and vaccine credential experience simple and transparent in a way that we expect will help ease the mindset of attendees and exhibitors as they return to trade shows and events,” Jim Kelley, Vice President, Marketing & Industry Relations for Fern, said.

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“As we begin to move closer to the return of live events, and specifically trade shows, organizers will need solutions that provide stakeholders and local authorities with the confidence that the proper protocols are in place for a safe event experience. The HIPPA- compliant platform inside of Fern HealthCheck allows for the secure tracking of key health data that will be a foundation in the return to face-to-face events for many organizations,” Kelly added.

The ShareMy.Health-Fern partnership brings the leading healthcare cloud platform together with the experience and reach of Fern that includes more than 1,400 trade shows and hundreds of corporate events across North America.

“The long wait to return safely and responsibly to in-person conferences and live events is almost over,” Galen Murdock, founder and CEO of ShareMy.Health said. “As the vaccines have been rolling out, the technology has caught up, right on your smartphone with Fern HealthCheck, powered by ShareMy.Health. We couldn’t be more excited.”

Fern HealthCheck’s latest functionality includes vaccine management with electronic consent capture to securely share immunization credentials. The platform captures details such as date of vaccination, manufacturer, lot number, location, and the vaccine administrator. Event organizers can also test any attendees utilizing saliva-based, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests that are shipped directly to home or office, overnighted to ShareMy.Health’s CLIA-certified labs for priority processing, and instantly paired with on-site, rapid antigen testing.

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