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Fastest 50 Class of 2020 Unveiled; Summit Content Offers Stellar Line Up to Reconnect, Revive, Rebuild, UNITE!


CHICAGO — The power and importance of the trade show industry is evident in Trade Show Executive’s 2020 Fastest 50 list of top-growing shows in the United States.

A testament to hard work and innovative growth strategies, 48 shows are ranked on more than one of the Fastest 50 lists and 19 shows are ranked on all three of the Fastest 50 growth categories.

The Fastest 50 shows in the nsf category grew by more than 17%. Collectively, the Fastest 50 shows in 2019 spanned 10,242,885 nsf. Shows in the attendance category grew 20% from the previous year.

On the heels of TSE’s Fastest 50 shows were 104 shows that made our Next 50 list. A combined total of these shows represented a stellar 23,446,447 nsf and saw more then 66,000 exhibiting companies and 1.6 million attendees.

See the full list HERE.

This year, 55% of TSE’s Fastest 50 are managed by associations, societies and other not-for-profit organizations, while 45% are managed by independent organizers. A majority, or 78 of the shows, were annual. Eleven shows were ranked in last year’s TSE Gold 100 list and 13 of the Fastest 50 shows were ranked in the Gold 100 the last time they were held.

“TSE’s Fastest 50 Awards & Summit is a time for us to unite as an industry and celebrate these honorees who continue to grow their shows exponentially and meet the needs of America’s exhibitors and buyers,” said Gabrielle Weiss, TSE Vice President and Editor-in-Chief.

Uniting around the awards provides guests of this year’s Fastest the opportunity to discuss and discover how to keep the industry healthy and moving forward amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“We have worked diligently with top show organizers to create a program centered around the ‘can do’ attitude and resilience of this industry and how we will, as a community, overcome and build for tomorrow,” said Weiss. “This is the time for our industry and our top growth leaders to come together to learn from each other and gain powerful insights to carve a path forward during and after COVID-19.”

Providing an unbiased look at our industry is what we as a media group champion for our trade show executive audience. With that, TSE editors have curated a stellar program that addresses the changing landscape of our industry with leaders who provide a platform for real, meaningful peer-to-peer discussion on augmenting our shows with technology and re-energizing our brands, while paving a way forward for shows in the midst of COVID-19, united as an industry and with our larger community of stakeholders in mind.

Registration is open to all executive level organizers who wish to attend. All TSE Fastest 50 Honorees receive waived registration and our Next 50 group receives reduced registrations. Please join us and register HERE and visit for additional information.

Reach Gabrielle Weiss at (312) 493-7753 or; Carri Jensen (541) 286-4014 or

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