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Dallas Market Center Launches Nearshoring America

This is the Nearshoring America logo, a golden image of Central and South America.

DALLAS – Dallas Market Center (DMC) announced the launch of Nearshoring America, a new global expo scheduled for Dec. 9-11, 2024. DMC said it will be the first North American event to connect brands, importers and sourcing professionals operating in the U.S. with vetted factories and supply chain providers from Mexico and Latin America, creating a forum for the nearshoring ecosystem.

Nearshoring America 2024 is anticipated to span approximately 50,000 net square feet and expand annually as nearshoring demand increases.

The Need for a Nearshoring Event

Mexico’s investments in trade policies, logistics and infrastructure under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement increased nearshoring opportunities and drove demand for this event. The Nearshoring Leadership Council advocated for a juried nearshoring trade show and helped plan Nearshoring America.

“Today, the supply chains from the Asia Pacific region and those relying on crossing the Red Sea and the Panama Canal are being disrupted by factory shutdowns, capacity constraints, transportation costs, war, weather patterns, tariffs and embargoes,” Dallas Market Center President and CEO Cindy Morris said. “The benefits of nearshoring include proximity to customers (4-7 days), regional trade agreements, competitive production costs and the advantages of risk mitigation that come from blending production from different locations.

“This expo’s key role in enhancing attendee and exhibitor experience lies in simplifying access to the benefits of close product delivery proximity and supply chain reliability. It nurtures lasting relationships and offers practical and dependable solutions to common and emerging challenges.”

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Nearshoring America Participants 

The DMC team expects hundreds of home furnishing, gift and apparel accessories companies to attend Nearshoring America 2024. They are selecting exhibitors based on history, operating experience and delivery to “ensure a match in quality, reliability and capability to meet buyers’ diverse needs,” Morris stated.

More than 100 exhibitors are expected to give presentations displaying their production or supply chain capabilities, exhibit production samples and be prepared to immediately meet with attendees. DMC is sending exhibitor profiles to attendees before the expo to help them hit the ground running.

DMC’s Unique Positioning for Nearshoring America

According to Morris, DMC is uniquely suited for this event, because the venue exclusively serves the gift, home and apparel accessories industries and understands the market’s challenges, allowing it to offer tailored solutions.

“Many of the participating brands and wholesale importers already have permanent showrooms within Dallas Market Center and will be able to utilize these spaces for their design teams to meet with factories one-on-one… Exhibitors will have an opportunity to store their products and supplies in Dallas between annual events to avoid freight costs,” she said, and added that this cannot be accomplished in a conventional exhibition facility.

The show will also offer seminars and symposia about nearshoring in Mexico and Latin America, a Nearshoring America INDEX and a nearshoring newsletter.

“While individual outcomes will vary, importers and production resources will explore and exchange ideas and opportunities. Connections made at this forum will develop into millions of dollars in transactions and enduring relationships for nearshore production,” Morris said.

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