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CEIR Releases Its Final Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales Report Focused on Enhancement Plans

Kathy Monte - News Editor
CEIR Releases Its Final Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales Report Focused on Enhancement Plans

CHICAGO — The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) released its fourth and final report in its Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales Approaches Driving Revenue Growth series.

Entitled “Report Four: Future Enhancement Plans for Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales,” it states that the best way to boost exhibit and sponsorship sales is to think first about how to enhance the in-person, physical aspects of an exhibition, and then ways to maximize engagement via digital solutions.

“The energy behind the answers indicates motivation to evolve the in-person, physical experiences exhibitions deliver. Results suggest a striving to find new ways to maximize meaningful, impactful engagement between attendees and exhibitors off and on an exhibition floor,” Nancy Drapeau, IPC, Vice President of Research at CEIR, said.

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Most surveyed executives, 76%, identify one or more offerings not currently offered that they believe would enhance sales outcomes. The primary area of focus is enhancing the in-person attendee experience with new ways for exhibitors and attendees to engage off the exhibition floor, new exhibition floor experiences, and adding brand activations. On a secondary level, digital elements that help amplify exhibitor engagement with attendees and the attendee experience, in general, are expected to be sales generators.

The report also identifies areas for future sales training. The top three areas are:

  1.  Harness the power of technology, data analytics, CRM and other software to drive sales.
  2.  Enhance and build skills in consultative selling and communications that help convert prospects to customers.
  3.  Build skills in strategy development to create the best programs that adapt and evolve with shifting market conditions and exhibitor/sponsor needs.


The full report is available for download at the CEIR website at the following link:

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