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Bear Analytics Partners with Cadmium to Enhance Learning Data for Trade Shows


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Leading trade show data firm Bear Analytics recently announced a new partnership with event and learning software provider Cadmium to strengthen the digital product and service offerings of both companies in the trade show industry. The collaboration between Bear Analytics’ Bear IQ platform and Cadmium’s technology enables data-driven decision making for organizations by evaluating the effectiveness of their online learning and event programs.

“Analytics are crucial to delivering relevant and profitable learning and event content,” Paul Zickert, Vice President of Partnerships at Cadmium, said. “Bear IQ’s continual integrations with the Cadmium product suite will help our customers extract clear insights from murky data, driving future success with their educational initiatives.”

Trade show and event managers who attended Cadmium Spark 2022, held July 25-26 at the Nationals Park baseball stadium in Washington, D.C., participated in a wide range of workshops, hands-on learning labs and panel discussions, focusing on Cadmium’s event and learning software.

Participants at the show also had the chance to see demos of the new partnership that will potentially allow them to dive deeper into the analytics of how attendees experience their trade shows and events.

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Cadmium’s software offers professional development and content management solutions. It also simplifies the production of live, hybrid and virtual events and maximizes the value of online learning with a single, flexible platform designed to capture the chemistry of people, ideas and knowledge.

“Cadmium’s solutions suite is dedicated to driving event engagement and value for event organizers,” Joe Colangelo, Co-founder and CEO of Bear Analytics, said. “Together with Cadmium we know analytics plays a huge role in measuring that engagement, facilitating more of it, and speaking to the overall ROI of events. This partnership will enable trade show and event organizers to better execute on their strategic initiatives, marketing and sales goals, and content measurement — all powered by the data they are generating on Cadmium.”

Bear IQ provides tools for the exhibitions industry to gain insights into show data that will help quantify attendee engagement, audience composition and grow revenue.

“Bear IQ will help our customers make the most of Cadmium technology and achieve new levels of insight into the impact of their live and on-demand content,” Zickert said.

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