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Bear Analytics Brings Deep-Dive Analytics to Trade Show Organizers

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ARLINGTON, Va.  –  The events environment is increasingly technology fluid, meaning associations and corporations putting on events and gathering their communities must look across virtual, hybrid and in-person channels to understand what their own customers are doing, and where. To meet this need, innovative firms are offering analytics and insights to improve the value for trade show organizers and all their users.

One such company, Bear Analytics, has been very busy working with numerous event planning companies, the most recent of which is a partnership with Shepard, the third-largest event services provider in the U.S.

The Bear IQ platform, an industry leading event analytics platform for live, hybrid and virtual events, is designed to find actionable data-backed suggestions for pivots, content strategies, and marketing messaging. The entire focus is how to grow an event audience and engagement with that audience. Other clients include the National Association of Home Builders, National Confectioners Association, and RE+ Events.

“We’ve structured our partnership with Shepard in such a way that there’s going to be unique, analytical benefits to some features, some additional insights that Shepard’s clients are going to be privy to at a more affordable rate,” Joe Colangelo, Co-Founder and CEO of Bear Analytics, said. “The benefit of this is it puts the event organizer first, and thus puts engagement for their customers first.”

As the rebound of the trade show and event industry continues to gain momentum in 2022, Colangelo said that the emergence of virtual events as an integral part of live events is making it a greater challenge for organizations to track where the value is coming from trade shows and events. The key metric most organizations are looking to measure as they go through their events cycle is tracking the rate of return the various event platforms are generating from an attendance and a revenue standpoint.

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“What we’re tracking very closely where attendees are gathering and how is that generating revenue. Everyone is trying to maximize the financial performance their events are having, and that means ensuring that they have a that deeper understanding of what their audience demographic is, what is engaging them, and which event platforms are generating the greatest level of audience retention,” Colangelo said.

Other recent partnerships Bear has entered include one made with JUNO, a software company that connects and educates people on a single destination platform for events and year-round community. “We are very excited about the partnerships with Shepard and with JUNO. They are a very client- and outcome-centric team and wholly understand the power of data-driven insights to drive event growth, which is the direction the event industry is moving in.” Colangelo said.

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