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Artexpo New York Sees 14% Attendance Increase and Honors Exhibitor “Legends” in 2024


NEW YORK — Approximately 18,000 attendees visited Redwood Art Group’s Artexpo New York in 2024, a 14% increase from 2023. Held April 4-7 at Pier 36, the show’s 47th edition showcased more than 1,000 artists.

Enhanced Attendance and Exhibitors

“The caliber and the breadth of the work was really exceptional this year… I thought the fair looked better than ever,” Redwood Art Group Managing Director of Marketing Linda Mariano said. “Being in New York, and seeing New York revive itself post-pandemic, over the last four Artexpo New York fairs, has been very gratifying. I’ve seen the signs of the city of New York coming back. People back out on the streets, back in their offices, back in the restaurants and, clearly, back at Artexpo New York.”

On top of the city’s post-pandemic recovery, Mariano attributes this growth to Pier 36’s growing notoriety as a venue for art and design shows, and Artexpo New York’s use of a new ticketing platform in 2024: TicketSpice.

“It’s just easy to use, both from an attendee’s perspective as well as our exhibitors’… It was easy to pre-register for tickets, it was easy to scan them through the door… people were pleased, they thought it was easy,” Mariano shared.

Artexpo New York also saw more international exhibitors in 2024, with 198 galleries, art dealers and publishers, and artists from 27 countries displaying work at the event.

“The exhibitor mix was terrific… I think that the pandemic is on the wane, and I think that gives rise to taking advantage of exploring the U.S. market… the other thing is that Artexpo New York is foundational. It’s the oldest, it’s the original art fair… in the springtime, being an exhibitor in New York is one of the ‘want to do’ experiences and one of the ‘want to do’ marketplaces,” Mariano said, explaining that each year post-pandemic, more international exhibitors attend the show.

Highlights at the that Mariano shared included Resurrect Studio, which creates sculptures made of found glass, and Scott Glaser, whose art is made from band-aids.

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These are paintings displayed by World Wide Art, who was honored as a “Legend” exhibitor at Artexpo New York 2024.

Honoring Legends

To commemorate Artexpo New York’s vast history, Redwood Art Group honored five exhibitors as “Legends” in 2024.

To receive this recognition, exhibitors needed to have represented innovative artists with distinctive, above-and-beyond presentations at Artexpo New York for 10 years or more. Only five exhibitors met these requirements:

  1. Sammoun Fine Arts
  2. Mecenavie Gallery
  3. Artifact
  4. Artavita / World Wide Art 


“Some of them had exhibited with Artexpo before Redwood Art Group even owned it,” Mariano shared. “Every single one of them, obviously, have been great partners, really bringing an experience to Artexpo New York, and not only does it brand them, but it helps brand us as well.”

The next Artexpo New York is scheduled for April 3-6, 2025, at Pier 36.

“We’re thrilled to be there, [and] we’re thrilled to carry on the tradition of Art Expo New York,” Mariano said.

Learn more about Artexpo New York here.

Photo Credits: Redwood Art Group 

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