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VP of Advertising, Linda Braue, to Exit Trade Show Executive

TSE Staff
Linda Braue

After more than 15 years of service, VP of Advertising, Linda Braue will be exiting Trade Show Executive.

It’s with great sadness that Linda is leaving TSE because of the impact the pandemic has had on the our industry.  “Linda has been a real asset to Trade Show Executive with an irreplaceable depth of knowledge about our industry,” said VP and Editor-in-chief, Gabrielle Weiss.  “Her ability to adapt to the changes I made when I took on the responsibilities of TSE was refreshing and she quickly became a key member of my executive team.”

Braue began her trade show industry career with the magazine in 2004 as a temp under Darlene Gudea, TSE’s former Group President who now serves the magazine as President Emeritus.

Early in 2005, she was hired on full-time.  A former salesperson in the tech industry, Braue adapted quickly to magazine ad sales and became TSE’s Advertising Manager under the tutelage of TSE Associate Publisher, Irene Sperling. In 2016, Sperling took home IAEE’s prestigious Chairperson’s Award. She retired from TSE the same year.

“Linda’s been a valuable member of the TSE team and its success over the years. I am especially grateful to Linda for her recent efforts in the face of the complications the pandemic has caused our industry,” said TSE Chairman, Rick Simon. “A real professional and team player, her  input has been appreciated as Gabi streamlines our sales direction during the pandemic and the impending rebound of our industry.”

After Sperling’s retirement, Braue stepped up to the plate and successfully managed TSE client accounts, earning her a promotion to Vice President in 2017.

“My time with TSE has been filled with amazing experiences and a lot of professional satisfaction. I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to work with all of you and I thank you for your support. I will miss being a part of this great industry and Trade Show Executive magazine,” said Braue.

Reach Linda Braue at (424) 731-7523; Gabrielle Weiss at (312) 493-7753 or and Richard Simon at (312) 248-8558 or