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Upcoming Webinar Focuses on How Research and Audits Can Help Sign New Exhibitors and Retain Existing Ones


New York, NY – The drive toward event and exhibit accountability continues to heat up for  corporate marketing executives.  Better information helps them make better strategic and tactical decisions. With that goal in mind, Exhibit Surveys and BPA Worldwide have scheduled a Webinar on event audits and surveys  to be held Dec. 12 at 1 p.m. EST.

The webinar will discuss how research and audits can  provide show organizers with programs to help exhibitors reach more of their target markets each year. It will also  look at ways of helping exhibitors use audits and research to get a better handle on the benefits of participating in trade shows. Such analysis can answer questions about the optimum booth size and staffing needs, lead capturing and overall participation in exhibitions.

The program is free of charge and will be presented by Skip Cox, president of Exhibit Surveys; Glenn Hansen, president and CEO of BPA Worldwide; and Glenda Brungardt, Program Manager, Hewlett Packard.

The Webinar will be archived for 90 days; however, for access, registration before Dec. 12 is required.

Reach Skip Cox at (732) 741-3170 or; Glenn Hansen at (203) 447-2800 or

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