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Ungerboeck Launches Fully Integrated Payment System for Events Businesses

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ST. LOUISUngerboeck, the world’s leading provider of event and venue management software, recently launched Ungerboeck Payments, a fully integrated, end-to-end payment solution built for events businesses. 

“Ungerboeck is committed to delivering innovation to the events industry,” Ungerboeck Vice President Product Marketing Shannon Terrill said.  “This solution is the focus of future investments in payment innovations. Users can expect a roadmap of new capabilities to support in-person payments, multi-party payments, and more.”   

The new system’s purpose is to maximize revenue and streamline financial operations for its clients, while improving cash flow and increasing repeat business. The integrated system also eliminates the need for manually processing payments, saving time and effort for customers, and creating easy and safe payment experiences. 

“Ungerboeck Payments supports more payment options providing customers more choices and an easier payment experience,” Terrill said. “Built on the latest technology, Ungerboeck Payments optimizes the checkout experience for requirements of each local market.  For your team that handles payment inquiries, they have detailed visibility into payment statuses directly inside Ungerboeck allowing them to provide better service to their customers who have questions about their payments.” 

Ungerboeck chose Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, to support it in creating a seamless payment process. The new payment system is powered by Stripe Connect, which lets businesses facilitate payments and purchases between third-party buyers and sellers, and accepts all payment methods. Stripe’s infrastructure will ensure Ungerboeck can power payments and financial operations at scale for events. 

“Good payment experience is critical to good event experience,” Ungerboeck President and CEO Manish Chandak stated in a release. “With the launch of Ungerboeck Payments, we now offer a truly integrated, best-in-class payment solution to our customers. Partnering with Stripe, our customers will have an end-to-end seamless payment and reconciliation experience while providing payment choices and ease of use to their planners, vendors, exhibitors and visitors.” 

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