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UFI Releases Euro Fairs Report

Sue Pelletier, Senior Editor

PARIS — UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has just released its annual Euro Fair Statistics, its annual snapshot of data collected from 13 trade fair bodies in 21 European countries. It includes data from 2,416 exhibitions from 803 organizers, which together total 25.5 million square meters (more than 274 million square feet) of net space used in 2019. The data was collected from 643,738 exhibiting companies; total attendance for the shows studied equals 70 million registered attendees.

“This new edition of the annual Euro Fair Statistics report is especially important as it reflects the industry’s activity before the COVID-19 crisis,” said Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director and CEO. “This data covers approximately 55% of the European exhibition market and includes 334 exhibitions that have earned the ‘UFI Approved Event’ designation.”

Of the exhibitions covered in the study, 34% targeted trade visitors, while 29% targeted public visitors. Thirty-seven percent included both groups.

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Data was collected from:

  • AEFI (Italy)
  • AFE (Spain)
  • ATFEO (Finland)
  • BDO & Associates (Portugal)
  • CENTREX (Central East Europe)
  • CLCVECTA (The Netherlands)
  • EXPO EVENT Swiss LiveCom Association (Switzerland)
  • FKM (Germany)
  • FKM Austria, SFC (Sweden)
  • UNIMEV-OJS (France)
  • RUEF (Russia)
  • UCCET (Turkey)

The complete Euro Fair Statistics 2019 study is available for free download at the UFI website.

Reach Kai Hattendorf at (33) 1 46 39 75 00 or


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