U.S. Hotel Industry Unites on State & Local Advocacy

Judy Williams, Editor
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As the industry begins its post pandemic recovery, two major associations join forces to promote the hospitality industry at the state and local levels.

BOSTON — The nation’s two largest hotel and lodging associations, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) and the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), have created the American Hospitality Alliance (AHA) at the International Society of Hotel Associations’ (ISHA) summer meeting. Working in collaboration with the ISHA, and over 40 leading state associations, AHA’s advocacy efforts will focus on issues to help boost the hospitality industry’s recovery from the pandemic as the country reopens. 

“We recognize that bringing AHLA, AAHOA, State Lodging Associations, Brands, and Owners together will significantly amplify our industry’s efforts and messaging. Now more than ever, we need to speak to policymakers with a single and clear voice. This alliance will help us do exactly that.” Chip Rogers, President & CEO at American Hotel & Lodging Association, said. 

The new Alliance comes as hoteliers continue to grapple with COVID-19 liability, illegal hotels that masquerade as short-term rentals, drive-by lawsuits, tax reform, and workforce development. STR and CBRE predict that the lodging sector will not fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic until at least 2023. 

The stated purpose of the American Hospitality Alliance (AHA) is: 

  1. To promote the hospitality industry at the state and local levels by harnessing the power of industry leaders toward more effective advocacy. 
  1. Operationally, AHA will serve as an additional tool to provide resources to support our industry at the state and local levels. 

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AHLA and AAHOA will co-chair AHA, and an advisory board of 17 industry representatives and staff will serve one-year terms and steer the alliance’s priorities and policy initiatives while the Alliance Advisory Board, with membership feedback, will help determine issue priorities and makes decisions on financial support. 

“It was a big week for AAHOA, as we launched the creation of the American Hospitality Alliance (AHA) at the International Society of Hospitality meeting. I believe this new alliance will help hoteliers get the best possible representation. The strategic partnership between AAHOA, American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), and leading state hospitality associations helps all constituencies in many ways,” Ken Greene, Interim President & CEO, AAHOA, said. “For one, sharing and pooling resources will allow us to streamline efforts to educate lawmakers at the state and local level. This collaboration gives us the tools needed to keep hotels safe and operational. AHA will promote the hospitality industry at the state and local levels by harnessing the power and influence of industry leaders and directing it toward advocacy and political engagement.” 

Reach Chip Rogers at (202) 289-3100 or crogers@ahla.com. 


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