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TSE’s Takeaways From Event Virtualization Summit


ARLINGTON, Va. —On April 9, the Event Virtualization Summit drew more 3,800 event industry professionals from 50 countries who tuned in for the one hour and 45-minute online session to learn more about how to run and monetize digital events.

InGo( CEO, Michael Barnett­ put together the event, which featured a panel of industry executives, including: Hervé Sedky, President, Americas for Reed Exhibitions; Isobel Peck, Chief Marketing Officer for Informa Connect; Kimberly Hardcastle, Chief Marketing Strategist for mdg; and Dan Melore, EVP Marketing and Operations for Health Evolution.

Moderated by Jason Popp, Advisory Board Member for NB Group Investors and former President of GES International, the summit featured pre-recorded pitches from five solution providers selected by the industry panel, followed by a live Q&A with the presenters by the panel and questions from the virtual audience.

Here are the five virtual event companies selected, along with one quote from each of their product demos:

  • Balluun ( “Balluun’s platform has evolved over the last few years, and we now have a robust market solution that can help the industry with a virtual event in the near term or for strategic year-round audience engagement in the long run,” said Deepak Gupta, CEO, Balluun.
  • Eventfinity ( “The unique combination of a robust but simple to navigate event directory platform combined with the enjoyable and even personal and extremely productive video conferencing and broadcasting platform provides attendees and exhibitors the closest thing to the value proposition that they attend physical face-to-face events for,” said Dave Einzig, Founder, Eventfinity.
  • Intrado ( “We do more livestreaming and on demand streaming and create more virtual events than any other organization in the space,” said Ben Chodor, President, Intrado.
  • Brella ( “We founded Brella in 2016 as matchmaking and networking virtual and live events. We believe today virtual, tomorrow hybrid,” said Ville Vanhala, Co-Founder, Brella.
  • ExpoPlatform ( “Uploaded products are a great way for exhibitors to generate leads and something that gets recommended to a visitor, so we have an object-to-person matchmaking algorithm for exhibitors,” said Mykyta Fastovets, CTO, ExpoPlatform.

Popp asked each of the industry panelists to share how they are looking at virtual events. “A lot of this technology has been around for a long time, why do we think going forward it’s going to be any different?” he asked.

“I think this crisis has been a bit of a wake-up call,” said Sedky. “Around us, we are starting to see a huge movement toward mixed reality, and I think there are applications with the companies we are talking to here and others that are able to get us to that today.”

Informa also has experience with some digital events. “I know there are loads of platforms out, but I think we need to be customer- and experience-led rather than product- and technology-led,” said Peck. “We are spending a lot of time trying to find out the experiences our customers want to have.”

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