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TSE Resources: COVID-19

CHICAGO — As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold, many industry organizations have stepped forward to provide helpful resources for event organizers — from basic facts about COVID-19 to webinars on associated legal and insurance issues.

Trade Show Executive has compiled a list of these resources, and updates will be posted regularly. We welcome your suggestions for additions and updates. Please send them to



  • Mystery Mixtape offers a live musical experience with a pub quiz element to keep event attendees engaged in a virtual setting.
  • UFI’s Global Exhibition Barometer (July 2020) – LEARN MORE
  • Freeman’s tips, tools and other guidance to design safe and engaging events called The Future of LIVE – LEARN MORE
  • The WHO’s COVID-19 situation reports, which is updated daily – LEARN MORE
  • The U.S. Travel Association’s Priorities for COVID-19 Legislative Relief Phase 4 – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • This Show Will Open for Business campaign by UFI and SISO, which encourages event organizers and industry professionals to show that events are ready to open when health authorities say it is safe. – LEARN MORE
  • UFI’s Industry Market Status Tracker- updated July 10 – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • PSAV has created the MeetSafe Guidelines, that include information on meeting design, room layout traffic flow, technology considerations and cleaning guidelines. – LEARN MORE
  • UFI has an updated global assessment of the economic impact COVID-19 is having on trade shows and exhibitions. The press release includes data from Asia/ Pacific, Europe and North America. – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • UFI’s Good Practice Guidance Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re- Opening Business Events – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • IELA’s COVID-19 Resource Page that provides more useful links from the WHO and a Fakes vs. Facts Section – LEARN MORE
  • OCCC Executive Team Shares a Message of Hope – WATCH VIDEO
  • The Events Industry Council’s COVID-19 Resource page – LEARN MORE
  • Read the CDC’s Considerations for Event Gatherings – LEARN MORE
  • Read the CDC’s Events and Gatherings: Readiness and Planning Tool – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • UFI has created a new tracker that shows the exhibitions and events reopening by market, following the COVID-19 pandemic – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • ESCA has their first version of Health and Safety Guidance for the Exhibitions Industry that goes over personal health and safety, venue cleaning and disinfecting and more. – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • The IAEE has put together considerations for organizers whole planning for events while COVID-19 is a major concern. – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a regularly updated dashboard that shows government policies on COVID-19 globally. – LEARN MORE
  • The WHO’s technical guidance on COVID-19 where you can pick a topic from the drop down menus on the page. – LEARN MORE
  • Download the IAEE’s Essential Considerations for Safely Reopening Exhibitions and Events from June 5. The download is free. – DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Read about and download the IELA’s On- Site COVID-19 Protocol that gives a step- by- step practical guide and safety recommendations to keep events and all those involved safe. – LEARN MORE
  • Interactive map about reopening businesses around America from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. For each state, there is information on sector- specific businesses and general workplace guidance. – INTERACTIVE MAP
  • The CDC is keeping track of the cases of COVID-19 in the U.S.A., with information about which states have the most cases and who is most vulnerable to the virus. – LEARN MORE
  • ESCA’s COVID-19 resource page contains information from the CDC, UFI and WHO and White House with guidelines for reopening and cleaning public places. – LEARN MORE
  • UFI’s global framework for reopening exhibitions and B2B trade events post the emergence from COVID-19. – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Go LIVE’s COVID-19 resource page has information from world health and industry organizations. There are also event calendars available on the page. – LEARN MORE
  • An article on GES’s website, Navigating Through the Changes Impacting the Industry, has information on what GES is doing to keep employees and attendees safe and how they plan on adapting to a new normal created by the pandemic. – READ ARTICLE
  • Freeman has two guides available for download about planning events in the post COVID-19 world. – LEARN MORE
  • Freeman’s COVID-19 resource page that has tips, resources and best practices for upcoming events both online and in person. – LEARN MORE
  • Small business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act – DOWNLOAD PDF
  • John Hopkins University and Medicine’s COVID-19 Case Tracker that is updated daily. – VIEW TRACKER
  • GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation Program is designed to keep buildings and staff clean and disinfected while preventing any disease spread. – LEARN MORE
  • The World Health Organization’s key planning recommendations for mass gatherings in the context of COVID-19 available for download. – LEARN MORE