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Trade Show Executive Announces the TSE Courageous Leadership Award; To Be Awarded at TSE’s Gold 100 Awards & Summit

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CHICAGO—The business events industry will never forget 2022–the year that, with Omicron still surging, trade show organizers resiliently navigated how to safely return to live shows. It was a period that required strong leadership and perseverance, as well as perseverance in a constantly changing landscape. 

In honor of the many trade show organizers who faced numerous challenges and difficult decisions that year, Trade Show Executive’s (TSE) editors have created the TSE Courageous Leadership Award, which will be presented at the Gold 100 Awards & Summit, taking place at the Fairmont Del Mar in San Diego Sept. 13-15, 2023. During the gala, the TSE Courageous Leadership Award recipient will take to the main stage to be recognized for his or her exceptional leadership. 

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To nominate someone for the TSE Courageous Leadership Award, you must include how he or she: 

  • Navigated and directed their show and stakeholders in times of uncertainty, such as in the beginning of 2022 when the Omicron variant was surging. 
  • Created benefits for the trade show, company/association and stakeholders as a result of their leadership. 

Nominators can describe those results however they choose, but quantitative evidence is encouraged. 

The deadline to submit a nomination for the award is July 31, 2023. Submit a nomination here. 

For more information, contact Gabrielle Weiss at (312) 493-7753 or     

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