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The Power of Being There; CEIR Releases Second Fact Sheet in ROI Playbook Series


DALLAS — CEIR released the newest fact sheet from its 2018 Attendee ROI Playbook series. Titled B2B Exhibitions Top-Ranked for Value in Meeting Business Information and Purchasing Decision Needs, it’s the second of four fact sheets. Two more are scheduled for release in the coming weeks.

A key finding from attendee data gathered via a random sampling of B2B exhibition organizers (21 total from the U.S. and Canada) was that face-to-face interaction is the preferred method for obtaining business information and meeting purchasing decision needs.

“Though relationships with suppliers are a highly valued, trusted resource, what distinguishes B2B exhibitions as a valuable resource is that the in-person, physical setting is rich with choice — it is not limited to one point of view or offering,” part of the report reads. “There is a diversity of exhibitors enabling attendees to gain a broader understanding of what is new and what is relevant to their most urgent business information and purchasing needs. They are not beholden to one particular vendor or supplier.”

The latest report also includes several other resources to which B2B exhibition attendees turn. The three primary ones are: communications with vendors and suppliers in person and via phone, mail or email; communications with their peer network of colleagues and co-workers using the same means; and the Internet via e-media and social media.

“We all know the value of meeting face-to-face, and this playbook on Attendee ROI provides validation for our $250+ billion worldwide exhibitions industry,” CEIR CEO Cathy Breden told Trade Show Executive. “The Attendee ROI Playbook takes an extensive look into the reasons why event participants choose to attend or not, and what holds value. This information is integral to a show’s attendee acquisition strategy.”

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