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The Next Best Thing to Being There? NAB Grabs an Online Audience


Las Vegas – When it comes to the National Association of Broadcasters Annual Convention,  perhaps the next best thing to being there is to view a live webcast of industry luminary Mark Cuban speak about the future of HDTV.  Nearly 600 people thought so, and opted to pay $2.95 to hear Cuban’s keynote speech. And the webcast will continue to be available to download from the NAB show web site at up until May 30th — 30 days after the event.

Smart City and iStreamPlanet partnered to provide a high-quality webcast of the keynote speech. Smart City is  a major provider of technology for the exposition industry,  and iStreamPlanet is a media digital  rights management and webcasting provider.

Smart City provided the Internet connectivity at the Las Vegas Convention Center ensuring that  content was properly acquired and distributed. iStreamPlanet was responsible for Web site management and hosting, e-commerce, media digitalization, security and delivery. Using Microsoft Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) 10, iStreamPlanet helped secure the webcast against illegal copying and redistribution.

“We are consistently working to improve technology so we can deliver the highest quality content possible,” said Mio Babic, president of iStreamPlanet. “I believe that webcasting will be the future of convention technology.”

Cuban is the president of HDNet LLC, a leading provider of HDTV news, entertainment and sports programming. He owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and was the co-founder of, which Yahoo bought for $5.7 billion in 1999.

Reach Marty Rubin, CEO, Smart City Networks, at (702) 943-6000. Reach Chris Brown, Senior Vice President of Conventions, NAB  at (202) 429-5335 or

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