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CTA Announces Technology as Eighth Pillar of the Human Security for All Campaign; CES 2024 To Focus on Connection Between Technology and Human Security

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CHICAGO — The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) will focus on how technology can fundamentally impact human security at its annual CES trade show. Through its work and partnership with the United Nations (UN) Trust Fund for Human Security and the World Academy of Art and Science, the CTA announced that technology will be the eighth pillar in the Human Security for All campaign. 

“At CES 2023, we brought the partnership and the theme forward in three key areas. We wanted to make sure that we were highlighting all of the exhibitors on our show floor that were developing amazing technologies that aligned with each pillar of human security,” CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro said. “We announced the partnership on our keynote stage at CES 2023, but we let our exhibitors know in advance about the theme and encouraged them to show how their work and technology align with the theme and talk about the good that you’re doing. We also incorporated it into our conference programming and keynotes and made sure that the conversation was really at the forefront of that programming. We also highlighted human security through our Innovation Awards program, including creating a new category focused on human security, which helped highlight products that might not have been discovered otherwise, like voting technology on the blockchain that supports political security and products for food waste.”  

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The other pillars of the campaign are economic, environmental, food, health, political, personal and community security, and the addition of technology emphasizes the critical role it can play in enhancing the human experience and its importance in development, addressing challenges and closing the UN’s sustainable developmental goals investment gap.

“Technology innovations have the power to address and even solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, from access to clean water and clean air, to food insecurity, to healthcare and education. Access to technology enhances the human experience. It’s essential to development and can help bridge the investment gap as we work toward the 17 sustainable development goals. Ultimately, technology is a key element of the creative solutions that are transforming our world now and will do even more in the future,” Shapiro said.

CES, the largest independently audited technology trade show event in the world, will feature a show floor and conference programming filled with technology and innovation that addresses the biggest challenges facing the world now. Entrepreneurship and technology addressing these issues will be rewarded at the Innovation Awards, which saw a 40% increase in entries for 2024 compared to the 2023 edition.

“At CES 2024, you’ll see technology that can solve big global challenges as a major theme running throughout the show. Keep an eye on some of our biggest show areas, like automotive and mobility and AR/VR, that are keeping people more connected and engaged, as well as emerging areas, including food tech and health tech,” Shapiro said. “In addition, look for technology – including advances in AI – that supports sustainability and accessibility across the show floor.”

The CES trade show will take place Jan. 9-12, 2024, in Las Vegas.

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