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Survey on ‘The State of Sales’ Underway


Arlington, VA – Lippman Connects and Exhibit Surveys are surveying show organizers on the current state of exhibit and sponsorship sales as part of a new report.

“This year’s study will provide valuable data that can be used to improve exhibitor retention rates and grow both the show floor and sponsorship revenues,” said Sam Lippman, president of Lippman Connects. Last year, the debut report pegged the industry’s average exhibitor retention rate at 80% with a per-show retention ranging from 96% to as low as 30%.

The results of the survey will be released October 16 at Lippman’s Exhibit Sales Roundtable in Washington, DC. The updated study will reveal any growth or contraction in sponsorship sales and sponsorship revenues. The report will also shed light on the challenges sales teams are facing and what incentives and other tools they are using to increase sales and retention, and improve exhibitor ROI.

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