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SmithBucklin Sets Fine Example: iPads for Everyone


Chicago, IL – SmithBucklin decided it knew a good thing when it saw it and issued a big shipment of the new Apple iPad 2 to its employees. Arming a large share of the SmithBucklin workforce with the new compact tablet should increase their overall productivity and enhance the company’s presence in social-media circles.

“We wanted to do something special for our employees to thank them for their loyalty to the company and to help them embrace social networking,” said President and CEO Henry Givray. “SmithBucklin already is a technology-savvy company and the iPad 2 will make it even easier for our employees to access social media channels and new media.”

The iPad has become an increasingly common sight at trade shows. They offer the Wi-Fi access and portability of a smart phone but with a larger screen that accommodates order taking and other business functions. SmithBucklin selected the 32GB iPad 2 model, which can be upgraded to 64GB. Each employee who received an iPad also received a $50 gift certificate for the purchase of accessories such as cameras and audio-visual adapters.

“We will be interested in gauging the impact this tablet computer has on our company and on our client organizations,” Givray said. As for industry reaction, most show organizers have a greater interest in learning whether their companies are going to follow suit.

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