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Smart City Study Highlights Future Trade Show Tech Needs


Las Vegas – Smart City Networks, a leading provider of convention and meeting communications services, just  released the results of a survey that highlights the future communications needs of show managers.

The survey, conducted on Smart City’s behalf by R&R Partners, asked show managers what communications needs they expected at future shows. Respondents, who included both current and prospective customers, overwhelmingly indicated a growing demand for WiFi, Ethernet service and T-1 lines.

Sixty percent of respondents listed WiFi as the major need, a nine percentage-point increase over those who have used WiFi in the past. Demand for Ethernet service is expected to increase by eight percentage points, while demand for T-1 lines will increase by six percentage points.

The biggest drop-off in demand among survey respondents is expected to be for port hubs, down by 10 percentage points. At the bottom of the wish list: only two percent said they expected higher demand for satellite TV, while four percent indicated an ongoing need for speakerphones.

Smart City intends to use the survey results as part of its 2006 Red Carpet Policy that will be unveiled on a show-by-show basis in the coming weeks. Read more in “Tech Trek”  in the February issue of Trade Show Executive.

Contact: Mary Cusker, marketing manager of Smart City (702) 943-6000 or

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