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Show Managers Meet Behind Closed Doors with Chicago Unions


Chicago, IL – A delegation of trade show organizers spent St. Patrick’s Day meeting behind closed doors with leaders of the labor unions serving McCormick Place.

There was no immediate comment on what went on in the session, which was no doubt devoted to the labor costs that have prompted two major shows to select other venues for their 2012 events. The Chicago Tribune said confidentiality agreements had been signed by the attendees, and organizers contacted by Trade Show Executive were sticking to the terms of those agreements. No announcements were made after the meeting.

Labor costs paid by exhibitors have become a controversial subject, with McCormick Place unions arguing that contractor markups are behind the prices. The unions have also stated that they have made concessions to keep costs down, but the savings are not being passed down to the customers.

The Tribune noted that neither the service contractors nor the Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority were represented at the session.

Reach David Causton, general manager of McCormick Place, at (312) 791-7000 or

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