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Shepard Launches On-Demand Exhibitor Education Video Series

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ATLANTA — Shepard launched the Exhibitor Education Video Series, a comprehensive, on-demand video library to support exhibitors through an event’s entire life cycle. According to Taylor Elliot, Shepard’s Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy, this series is the first of its kind.

Shepard’s commitment to simplifying and optimizing the exhibiting process helped inspire this resource, which adapts modern customer service practices for the events industry.

“The customer experience in the everyday world looks very different than the customer experience in the trade show world … at Shepard we have an appetite to streamline that customer experience to feel like what we are experiencing in our everyday lives,” Elliot explained. “The expectation of customers, [and] exhibitors, is to be served quickly, and so these videos allow us to address some of the most pressing questions that we get.”

The library is meant for exhibitors of all skill sets, and covers both exhibiting fundamentals and more complicated ideas. Its topics include “Guide to Effective Booth Budgeting,” “Exhibitor Manual Essentials,” “Shipping vs. Material Handling,” and “What Can I Expect Once I Arrive On-Site?”

Shepard will also expand this resource in the future.

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Exhibitors can use the Exhibitor Education Video Series to find solutions and support on their own schedule. Additionally, its videos are 90 seconds or less in length, making it easy for exhibitors to quickly get the information they need.

This series is also accessible to any exhibitor.

“We’re looking beyond just the events that we support. We want to help educate exhibitors across the board, whether they’re exhibiting in our show or somewhere else,” Elliot said.

Shepard’s marketing and exhibitor services teams collaborated to identify pressing questions and develop content for this resource. The exhibitor services team shared their first-hand knowledge of the exhibitor experience, and the marketing team worked to communicate complicated ideas in ways that are easy for exhibitors to understand, regardless of their experience level.

Additionally, Elliot emphasized that the Exhibitor Education Video Series is a complement to Shepard’s enduring commitment to personalized service.

“We are a people-to-people business … Creating this library of resources just goes down to not only adhering to the trends, but also providing options for our exhibitors, so that they can be served whenever, wherever and however they want. They can navigate the FAQ portal, they can pick up the phone, they can email us, they can watch these videos. Regardless of how they want to be served, we have resources to empower them,” Elliot said.

You can find Shepard’s Exhibitor Education Video Series here.

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