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Ron Wall Steps Down from UBM


Longtime Canon Communications executive Ron Wall stepped down from United Business Media (UBM) in the wake of UBM’s acquisition of Canon. Wall plans to take some time off and assess his future plans. The resignation came amid a re-evaluation of the merger strategy and UBM’s decision not to go through with the plan to combine Canon’s electronics portfolio with UBM’s EE Times division.

Steve Corrick was named vice president/executive director of UBM Canon. The UBM Electronics Division will be led by Senior Vice President David Blaza. Both report to Paul Miller, CEO of UBM Electronics and UBM Canon. Open slots for vice presidents in the events and marketing ranks will be filled at a later date.

Reach Paul Miller at (415) 947-6631 or; Ron Wall at (816) 520-5036 or; Steve Corrick at (310) 445-4200 or; David Blaza at (415) 947-6929 or