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Reed Launches Regional JCK Jewelry Show in Vancouver


Vancouver, BC – Reed Exhibitions will expand its portfolio of JCK jewelry shows this Fall with an event in Vancouver that will cater to regional retailers and artisans and also offer educational programs for the broader audience of sales associates.

Collections by JCK will launch September 24-25 at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre and will draw from an audience of jewelry retailers on both sides of the border. “We are launching it in response to demand from exhibitors and retailers in western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest,” said John McGeary, vice president of new business development for Reed Exhibitions.

The Vancouver event will be the sixth in the JCK stable of shows for the watch and jewelry sector. The other events take place in Las Vegas, Toronto and New Delhi.  “This is a large group that doesn’t attend the JCK shows in Toronto or Las Vegas,” said McGeary.

Collections by JCK will pale in size to JCK Las Vegas. While the Las Vegas event draws 20,000 buyers and 3,100 exhibitors from around the world, the Vancouver show will cater to a cozier crowd of between 1,000 and 1,500 attendees and 120 juried exhibitors in an area of roughly 17,000 net square feet. “For a new launch, its going to be a respectable size,” McGeary told Trade Show Executive.

The event will be different from other JCK shows in ways other than just floor space. It will focus on smaller exhibitors and have a regional focus rather than trying to be global. “Retailers were telling us to bring in more boutique or design styles that they can’t see anywhere else,” he said. “We’re making sure we have the British Columbia designers here, whether they are native Canadians or designers who have set up business there.”

“The Canadian diamond market has been growing since the discovery of the diamond mines and now rivals the best mines in Africa,” McGeary said. “Retailers in Canada tell us that their customers ask for them in support of the national economy.”

Canadian diamonds have the added advantage of being produced in an area unsullied by the ethnic and political violence that often swirls around producing areas of Africa. Human rights groups in Europe and the U.S. have called on jewelry retailers to sell only “conflict free” diamonds. The Conflict-Free Diamond Council offers certification for stones that assures buyers that they will not be sending money to finance such wars.

The show will also offer educational sessions designed for the sales people who work behind the counters at a typical jewelry store. McGeary said sessions at the other shows are geared toward company buyers. Collections by JCK will also provide opportunities for a wider segment of the industry, which should translate to a wider pool of attendees.

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