Popolo Named CEO of Freeman; Don Freeman Remains Chairman

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Dallas, TX – Joe Popolo becomes chief executive officer of Freeman this Summer following an executive reorganization that includes Carrie Freeman Parsons as the new vice chairman, John O’Connell  as president, and Jeff Price moving up to chief operating officer. Donald Freeman, who is not retiring, will remain as chairman of the company, it was announced today.

The move was part of a reorganization of the executive leadership at Freeman that goes into effect July 1 as the company continues to diversify.  Freeman’s roots in the industry have been in general service contracting, exhibit design and the freight side of the business but the company has taken aggressive steps to branch out in the past few years.

“These new assignments reflect a carefully planned transition that has been taking place over several years to assure a smooth and seamless integration of the next generation of Freeman management,” said Mr. Freeman, adding that the company would continue to be owned by the Freeman family and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Under the new structure, Mr. Freeman will be involved in the monitoring of Freeman’s financial performance and strategy. He will also continue to be involved in customer relations and industry activities.

Freeman Parsons, who will retain her job as chief marketing officer, said Don Freeman is a methodical person. “We have been working towards this for several years. So, for everyone, it is really not a major surprise – it is pretty much business as usual. The biggest surprise for people is that John O’Connell, a life-long New Englander, is moving to Dallas. My personal challenge will be to try to teach John to say ‘Y’all.’”

Popolo is currently the president of the company. O’Connell is currently executive vice president and COO, and Price is currently executive vice president. “These promotions illustrate the depth and breadth of Freeman’s management talent,” Mr. Freeman said.

Reach Don Freeman at (214) 445-1000 or don.freeman@freemanco.com; Joe Popolo at (214) 445-1000 or joe.popolo@freemanco.com; Carrie Freeman Parsons at (214) 445-1000 or carrie.parsons@freemanco.com; John O’Connell at (781) 380-7550 or john.oconnell@freemanco.com; Jeff Price at (214) 445-1000 or jeff.price@freemanco.com