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PMMI Promotes Pittas and Bergmann to Senior VPs Pack EXPO


Chicago, IL – Jim Pittas, who leads the PACK EXPO brand, and Katie Bergmann, vice president of administration, were promoted to senior vice presidents of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

“Under Jim’s leadership, PMMI has been able to expand the PACK EXPO portfolio of trade shows, and Katie has excelled in the management of the Summit Media Group acquisition,” said Charles Yuska PMMI president and CEO. “Our growth and successes are in large part due to both Katie and Jim’s efforts.”

PMMI last month hired Ray Luca as director of exhibitions.

The biennial PACK EXPO International spanned more than 1.1 million net square feet (nsf) of exhibit space in 2012 and placed third on the Trade Show Executive Gold 100 rankings of largest U.S. trade shows. This year’s show reached 1.2 million nsf and added the co-located PACK EXPO Pharma show. PMMI also organizes PACK EXPO Las Vegas, PACK EXPO Mexico, and PACK EXPO Guadalajara.

PMMI also announced in the midst of PACK EXPO International in Chicago that it would launch an East Coast edition of the show this Winter. Philadelphia will host PACK EXPO East when it debuts February 16-18 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

“We learned through customer research that we have a great opportunity for both PACK EXPO exhibitors and end-users in the Northeast,” said Pittas. “It will be everything you would expect from a PACK EXPO show and will be located within 200 miles of a third of the nation’s major consumer goods companies.” PACK EXPO Northeast will draw from the many pharmaceutical companies clustered in the greater Philadelphia area.

The new show is the latest expansion of the PACK EXPO brand, a process that Pittas has guided since joining PMMI in 2000 as director of trade shows and most recently as vice president of trade shows. Bergmann joined PMMI in 2007.

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