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Partnership to Boost Italian Jewelry at Emerald Events


RIMINI, ITALY — Italian Exposition Group (IEG) and Emerald Expositions have partnered to bolster the presence of Italian jewelry manufacturers in the U.S. at Emerald’s events, including the Couture show and the recently launched Premier show, both of which take place in Las Vegas.

The move is part of IEG’s push to strengthen its overall presence in the U.S., which represents a large portion of the global trade show market. Earlier this year, IEG acquired a 51% share in U.S.-based FB International, Inc., a trade show display outfitter.

“We are very glad that the partnership with Emerald Expositions LLC values Italian Exhibition Group’s role to provide Italian jewelry manufacturers with a strong platform for their development on the American market, one of the key markets for Italian jewelry exports,” Marco Carniello, Director of IEG’s Jewelry & Fashion division, told Trade Show Executive. “We aim to support Made in Italy jewelry manufacturing throughout the world and, starting in 2019, we will be operating in the United States in Las Vegas through Couture (the next edition is May 30 to June 3) and the new Premier show.

Carniello said IEG will act both as “exclusive agent” and “talent-scout” for Italian companies using its deep knowledge of the Italian market. In terms of the new Premier show, he added, IEG will partner with EEX to organize the Italian pavilion.

“In the future,” Carniello said, “this strategic partnership could be further developed overseas; for example, in Europe and in Asia. The sky’s the limit.”

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