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New Tool Designed to Help Exhibitors Sharpen their Performances


Dallas, TX—The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced on Monday that it is providing exhibitors with a new tool to sharpen their event performance.

The new tool, CEIR Index Event Performance Analyzer (IEPA), enables exhibitors to determine how their exhibition is performing against CEIR Index metrics.

The metrics measure net square feet, the number of exhibitors, professional attendance and revenue. The IEPA also compares the exhibition relative to the overall performance by industry sector and the entire exhibition industry.

“This latest performance-measuring tool allows exhibition organizers to hone in on how their events are measuring against the CEIR Index as well as other shows in their sector,” said Brian Casey, president and CEO of  Dallas-based CEIR. “By using the analyzer in tandem with other resources available from CEIR, organizers can pinpoint where their events are either underperforming or over performing and then use CEIR research to help improve their events’ performance.”

The CEIR Index Event Performance Analyzer provides 12 measures addressing various aspects of the exhibition’s performance. Some of them are: exhibition share by metric, CEIR Index for the exhibition, year-over-year percent change, CEIR Index for the exhibition, exhibition’s performance versus the performance the industry sector, exhibition number of exhibitors overall, exhibition attendance versus the sector’s attendance overall, exhibition’s revenue versus the sector’s attendance overall and year-on-year  percent change.

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