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New Survey Shows Big Jump in Social Media Marketing for Exhibitions


Rochester, MN – New survey results from Exhibitor Media Group indicate that the percentage of marketers using social media in exhibition programs jumped nearly 90% compared to the same survey conducted in 2010.  The Exhibitor Social Media Marketing Survey was conducted among 2,000 marketing executives at companies in a variety of sectors that are actively exhibiting in trade shows and other corporate events, according to Exhibitor chief marketing officer John Pavek. Approximately 250 companies responded.

Eight out of ten marketing executives said their companies are using social media.  A total of 58% said they use it for exhibit marketing; 36% said they use it for event marketing; and 67% said they use it for other general marketing efforts.

“We expected as social media adoption grew, it would grow in business-to-business events and marketing, but we didn’t think the growth would be as rapid or large as it was,” Pavek said.

Respondents claimed the use of social media increased brand awareness, booth traffic and event attendance along with increased press coverage and sales as a direct result of these efforts, according to the survey. Yet few have found definitive ways to measure success or failure of online results. Pavek said many companies still are uncertain about what metrics to use to determine which efforts are producing the best results. “How do you determine which efforts help increase brand awareness?,” he asked.

Pavek said the main takeaway from the 2012 survey is that social media has solidified a position of relevance in exhibit and event marketing. “97% see its potential,” he said. “It’s a perfect complement to other forms of marketing.”

Full survey results will be published in the June issue of Exhibitor magazine.

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