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New Resource for Exhibition Services Job Seekers

Frances Ferrante

job seeker, help wanted, job searchDALLAS — The Exhibition Services & Contractors Association is helping job seekers connect to their next position with the launch of its new Employment Resources Portal. The job search tool is available at no charge to members and those seeking reemployment in the exhibition industry. There are also union links on the same page for access to each trade’s apprenticeship information.

The new site is just getting off the ground with limited participation to date, according to ESCA Executive Director Larry Arnaudet, who said he is concerned about workers finding jobs outside the industry during the down time and possibly not returning at all. “I have seen this pattern over and over, with the peaks and valleys that are inherent in this industry,” he said. “This is very costly to our member companies as it necessitates additional time and expense devoted to training new employees from outside the industry.”

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His advice for job seekers is to network, network, network. “That’s how I got into this business many years ago. Our membership directory is a good place to start.”

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ESCA is also preparing to launch a webinar soon on the new government Employee Retention Tax Credit which, he said, will be applicable to employees as well as employers. “We are here to assist our members in any way we can. Employco, our H.R. associate, is a big help to us in communicating and assisting our members.”

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When does Arnaudet see a return to employment for those currently out of work? “That’s the $64,000 question. We are seeing some activity beginning this summer and it will continue to gain gradual momentum through the end of the year,” he said. “We believe that 2022 will see a big rebound and hopefully we’ll all be busy again from that point on.”

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