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New Recruitment Platform for Trade Shows Launches


SAN FRANCISCO — Inspired by the job boards of days past, a just-launched recruitment platform, Hiresoft, opens up a new revenue stream for show organizers and new opportunities for exhibitors and attendees.

A major benefit of the platform is its ease of use; its intuitive setup and customizable features allow organizers to quickly and easily incorporate the job board right into their event infrastructure. “They just embed the jobs onto their show’s website, so as traffic comes to their site they have a section for open jobs,” Ben Stewart, Co-founder and CEO of Hiresoft, said. “This naturally drives more traffic to their site, which in turn can also lead to more attendees to the conference. It’s a win-win from a revenue perspective.”

Hiresoft’s sales support team can provide organizers with personalized assistance and resources to help them attract and retain exhibitors, including brochures and presentations communicating the benefits of the platform. There is no cost for event organizers to create a job site, once they are approved as a customer. “If the event company wants to sell the job spaces, we take a 35% cut of those fees. If they want us to do the outreach to the exhibitor companies and sell the job spaces for them, we take a 50% fee on revenue,” Stewart says. “This way it’s zero investment up front and incentives are aligned all around.”

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The platform is fully hosted, which means that the site is secure and updated, and show organizers don’t have to worry about server maintenance or software updates.

Hiresoft is also a win-win for exhibitors and sponsors, who can promote open roles to a highly targeted audience and expand their presence at trade shows beyond the usual networking and sales. Posting jobs and applications is simple and straightforward, and there is a dedicated technical support team available 24/7 for help with setup and troubleshooting. Advanced analytics tools let administrators track metrics such as job views, applications and user behavior. Sample packages start at $300 to post up to 5 jobs and $500 to post 10 jobs, including automated job import and analytics.

Hiresoft views the technology, which can also be used for conferences and communities of all kinds, as a game-changer in the events industry, and Stewart said that show organizers have been excited for far about the prospect of including the tool. “The reaction has been incredible, especially for shows that have high-turnover job types. We’ve seen a lot of interest across the board. We believe Hiresoft will revolutionize the way companies approach recruitment at events.”

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