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Move of TSE Headquarters to Chicago Completed


Oceanside, CA – Trade Show Executive (TSE) has shifted its headquarters to Chicago, the home base of its corporate parent, United Service Companies, at 1550 South Indiana Ave.

Staff members based at TSE’s former headquarters in Southern California will work out of their home offices, including President & Publisher Darlene Gudea;  Senior Editor Hil Anderson; Media & Event Specialist Jacqueline Nguyen; and Creative Director Bao Phan.

The move to Chicago was made as a result of Gudea’s upcoming retirement. Gabrielle Weiss will take the editorial reins of the magazine beginning with the November 2016 issue.

Reach Darlene Gudea at (760) 889-8585 or; Gabi Weiss at (312) 922-8558 or

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