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Meet the 2024 TSE Trailblazers: Laura Feroce

Laura Feroce

 CHICAGO — This year’s Trade Show Executive (TSE) Trailblazers are a group of innovative, impactful industry professionals, who are making significant contributions to their organizations.  

TSE caught up with Laura Feroce, Senior Event Marketing Manager at Informa Markets, to learn more about her career journey, lessons she’s learned and what she’s looking forward to for the trade show industry. 

Q: How did you get your start in the trade show industry?  

I got my start in 2018 at Informa Markets. I had just recently moved to a new city and was looking to further advance my career in marketing. I wasn’t sure about the trade show industry, I had never even been to a trade show. I quickly learned that marketing in the events industry was vastly different from the marketing work I had previously been doing. I have been captivated by the industry, the work and the pace ever since. 

Q: What appealed most to you then, and what appeals most to you now about your work? 

Then: a challenge. I was ready to take on something new that I knew nothing about. I was a sponge and wanted to learn everything about my job, the team, the events we managed, how we did what we did, why we did what we did, all of it.  

Now: a challenge. I continue to be challenged in new ways to learn new things, make informed decisions, lead a team, enhance customer experience, and achieve difficult but obtainable goals. I am always challenged by “how can we do this better.” 

Q: What has been one of the most important lessons you’ve learned in your career? 

I am a little bit of a perfectionist. Definitely a Type-A personality. I thrive in an organized environment. Just like life though, my career continues to teach me the lesson that unexpected things and situations will happen. As much as you plan, or try to remain organized, you will get thrown curve balls, sometimes many at a time. The lesson: pivot and learn to pivot quickly. Things will always change, and you have to have the ability to understand the why and adapt. 

Q: What or who inspires you to strive for excellence? 

I am inspired by the individuals who surround me, urging me to consistently push my limits. Among them are my loving husband, my children, supportive parents, invaluable mentors, and dedicated colleagues. I also hold myself to a high standard and possess an innate drive to continuously improve. Each endeavor becomes a personal challenge to surpass my own achievements and strive for constant self-betterment. 

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Q: What has been the proudest moment of your career so far? 

Throughout my career, I’ve experienced many achievements that fill me with pride. However, winning the 2024 Trailblazers Award stands out as a particularly significant milestone. This recognition has sparked moments of deep reflection and has also fueled my determination to continue to strive for excellence. 

Q: How do you define success? 

Merriam-Webster defines success as a “favorable or desired outcome.” However, for me, success is embodied in the eagerness to greet each morning with enthusiasm for my work. It’s about being driven, caring and fully invested in what I do. While achieving goals is gratifying, I find that true success lies in the journey rather than the end result. It’s a mindset and approach to each day, where I consistently strive to excel and give my best effort, regardless of the specific outcome. 

Q: What are some things about the future of this industry that excite you? Why? 

Curiosity excites me. I’m intrigued by the direction of the industry: Where is it heading? How will it evolve? What strategies will we employ to enhance the value of in-person experiences for our audiences? Additionally, I’m eager to explore the role of AI and emerging technologies in shaping the landscape of in-person events. 

Q: Advice for other up-and-comers? 

It is simple to say but can be difficult to achieve. Love what you do. What gets you excited? What brings you joy? Follow that internal instinct. If you need guidance, look around you. Find the people that have what you want, whether it is a position, or a personality trait, and ask them to mentor you. Surround yourself with people, places, and tasks, that motivate you, drive you to be the best, and offer perspectives that take you outside yourself. 

Nominator Quote: “Laura has been an invaluable asset to Informa Markets since joining in May 2018, consistently demonstrating exceptional performance, adaptability and an unwavering commitment to taking on increased responsibilities,” said Danica Cullins, Senior Vice President of SupplySide. “Laura’s initiatives extend beyond just event execution. Following the success of SupplySide West 2023, she spearheaded a data analysis project aimed at optimizing marketing spend. Her innovative approach not only streamlined processes but also demonstrated her ability to drive strategic change, and her dedication was further exemplified as she willingly presented her findings to the leadership team.” 

Find out more about all the Trailblazers in the June edition of TSE. 

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