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MCI USA Launches New AI-Driven Features in its OneSystem Plus Platform

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CHICAGO — MCI USA launched new features for its customizable event housing and registration platform, OneSystem Plus. The new features are driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and will deliver more return on investments for users of the platform, which launched in December of 2022. 

MCI’s Plus Lead, a lead cultivation app, includes a new feature that can help exhibitors analyze and qualify leads with constant updates as more behavioral data is collected throughout the event. Using OneSystem Plus’ GPT-based AI engine, attendees’ data is funneled and shared with exhibitors, who then receive a real-time summary of the attendees’ interests. This score and summary allow exhibitors to compare the attendees’ information to their own products and services to help rate and qualify the lead. 

“An AI-driven lead qualification system can help identify high-quality leads more accurately and efficiently than manual methods,” James Kelley, VP Registration and Lead Cultivation at MCI USA, said. “This can result in a higher conversion rate and more revenue for the business. As the business grows, an AI-drive lead qualification system can scale with the business and handle a larger volume of leads without the need for additional resources.” 

More features are coming in 2023, including a contact center that will be automated using ChatGPT. The contact center will be able to handle live chats and emails, while identifying information that attendees need through the whole show cycle.  

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“AI can provide immediate assistance to customers by answering frequently asked questions and resolving common issues,” Kelley said. “This can help reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. AI can help streamline the call center process and improve the customer experience. It can provide real-time language translation to assist agents communicating with non-native speakers. This can help reduce language barriers and improve customer support for multilingual customers.” 

The OneSystem Plus will also use attendee data to make recommendations for programming and show floor tours and summarize post-event survey findings and responses to give suggestions to help improve the event. The platform will also be able to generate content ideas by using attendee feedback, to suggest an agenda and content for future events. 

“A content generation system can quickly create a large volume of content with minimal human input, saving time and reducing costs, and can ensure that tone, style and messaging of the content is consistent across all channels and materials,” Kelley said. “It can provide valuable data insights into audience preferences and behavior, allowing show organizers to better understand their audience and improve future events. Overall, a content generation system can be a valuable tool for show organizers, helping them to increase efficiency, consistency, scalability, engagement and data insights.” 

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