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Lift Events & Experiences to Make its U.S. Debut with Lift San Francisco

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SAN FRANCISCO Lift Events & Experiences, known for producing Canada’s leading cannabis industry conferences and trade shows, announced it is expanding into the U.S. with Lift San Francisco, a three-day trade show to be held Aug. 2-4, 2023, at Moscone Center. 

“As the events industry rebounds, the timing is perfect for a re-envisioned event serving the West Coast market under an iconic brand like Lift, in an iconic cannabis industry location such as San Francisco,” Lindsay Roberts, Lift Events & Experiences Portfolio Lead, said. “We all have a new appreciation of the value and meaning that comes from connecting in-person. And the cannabis industry has a historical appreciation of the value of community, coming together, and lifting each other up. As the industry becomes a true global marketplace, the idea of moving across borders is becoming increasingly appealing.” 

Lift San Francisco will have some of the historical elements of the Cannabis Business Summit & Expo incorporated, but there is still a focus on bringing surprises and “a-ha” moments to the trade show through live music, cameo appearances, prize giveaways, demonstrations and the Lift After Party. 

“The key to curating these moments is that we immerse ourselves in the local cannabis community and spend as much time as possible asking questions and listening to what people from all parts of the industry want to see,” Roberts said. 

San Francisco is renowned as the center of the cannabis reform movement in the U.S., with the first head shop in the U.S. opening in the city in 1966. The location gives brands the unique opportunity to showcase their products right on the show floor, giving attendees the chance to see, touch and smell the products. 

“Lift San Francisco will highlight how product innovation occurs in the industry and what the value of innovation is to consumers and the broader community. This event will also have a journey and value proposition for multiple segments of the industry, from the people who touch the plant all the way through the supply chain to highly engaged consumers in the local marketplace,” Roberts said. 

Each unique Lift event draws more than 10,000 participant admissions, more than 200 exhibiting companies and 130 speakers and education sessions, and allows for audiences within the cannabis industry, including growers, brands and product delivery, advocacy and investment and legal among others, to have one-on-one conversations to build connections.  

At Lift San Francisco, there will be strategy-focused and advocacy-oriented conferences, along with industry and VIP consumer activations. The Lift Cannabis Business Conference will happen on the first day of the trade show, Aug. 2, and the following two days will be filled with exhibits and activations. Lift will address the hot topics of the industry, such as diversity and the future viability of cannabis. 

“We focus on the needs of the region we’re serving and ensure we’re not just focusing on what is going on now, but what the future of the market looks like and how we can all work together to move the industry forward in a positive and meaningful way,” Roberts said. 

Other features of Lift San Francisco are its Discovery Neighborhood, Brand Pavilion and Retailer Zone, programs dedicated to budtenders and store managers, inclusive networking opportunities, onsite outdoor Consumption Lounge and competitive pricing for exhibitors, attendees and partners. 

“The event will pleasantly surprise attendees with advocacy-oriented content, inclusive networking, irresistible activations, a unique mix of professionalism and fun, and unmatched new product discovery opportunities with actual product on the show floor to see, touch and smell,” Roberts said. 

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