Leafbuyer Technologies Buys Majority Stake in CBD.io


LAS VEGAS — Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc., a leading online platform for all things cannabis, last week signed a non-binding letter of intent to buy a majority stake in CBD.io, one of the largest Las Vegas-based trade shows for the CBD and vape industries.

“Partnering with Leafbuyer is a major value-add for CBD.io—and for the 400 exhibitors and 15,000 attendees we expect at our Las Vegas expo this November,” CBD.io CEO Robb Hackett told Trade Show Executive. “The combination of Leafbuyer’s robust advertising platform and vast vendor relationships should contribute maximum value and brand exposure to the CBD.io community for years to come. We expect this transaction to further build CBD.io as the prominent distribution platform and trade show for the hemp industry.”

CBD is the popular name for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. Research showing CBD may help relieve pain, anxiety, and other ailments has fueled a huge surge of CBD wellness products, which use CBD derived from hemp (a variety of cannabis). Leafbuyer’s letter of agreement with CBD.io includes an ownership stake in an e-commerce platform for wholesale and retail CBD products.

CBD.IO 2019 will be held November 22-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hackett said the show is expanding to focus on more speakers and education. “CBD is a hot commodity in the United States, as well as other countries around the world,” he said. “With Leafbuyer, we have our sights set on locations for trade show expansion in both Europe and Asia in 2020.”

Reach Robb Hackett, CEO of CBD.io, at (702) 323-8875 or robb@cbd.io; Kurt Rossner, CEO of Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc., at (720) 235-0099 or krossner@leafbuyer.com.