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Krister Ungerboeck Named President of Ungerboeck Systems


St. Louis, MO – Krister Ungerboeck became president of Ungerboeck Systems International (USI) on October 1 as his father, Dieter Ungerboeck, stepped up from the job to become chairman of the board.

The elder Ungerboeck spent 24 years as president of the St. Louis-based developer of event-based software.

Krister Ungerboeck joined the company in 1997 and launched Ungerboeck Systems Europe in 2004. He was most recently in charge of the company’s software engineering group.

The new president used his first day on the job to announce the next generation of the company’s software, known as Version 20. “It offers USI’s customers the most intuitive, user-friendly and functionally robust software on the market today,” he said.

Reach Dieter Ungerboeck at (636) 688-2000 or; Krister Ungerboeck at (636) 688-2000 or

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